Things in Ink

“Things in Ink” is a compilation of my poems I used for practicing one of my new hobbies; layout. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know how you like it.

to download, right click the link and click “save link as”.

download “Things in Ink”


4 comments so far

  1. edgarastonehill on

    I briefly took a look at the pdf. Amazing work, beautiful and impressive layout. I couldn’t imagine the amount of time spent on it.

    I think it is great that you posted it on your blog. I thought that I was the only writer who posted pdfs as part of the blog entry. (granted mine are minimalist).

  2. Dan on

    Hi Ken, I checked out your “Things in Ink”, and I have to say that I am very impressed. I don’t usually read poetry, but I read yours, and it’s anointed. There’s really something special about it. Also, the cover you did, I have to say you really have talent when it comes to color combination, I loved the vibrant colors. Keep it up! GBY!



  3. pedro on

    Nice poems. But you definitely should have made a drawing for each of the poems instead of a photo. It would have been 100/100. Then the style would have matched perfectly.

  4. miyuki on

    yomi mashita.Ken no sekai sugoi to omoimasu,layout mo sugoku kirei dashi. poem no hitotsu hitostu ni sorezore no monogatari ga atte yomu no ga totemo tanoshi katta yo.

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