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Lenoid Afremov

I recently discovered this amazing artist, thanks to Nozo, who sent me internet links to his pictures. The colors are so beautiful.


December 29th art by Ken and Deren

Deren’s mom and dad are on vacation.Deren and I were bored. So we drew pictures. Continue reading

Christmas Cards for 2009

Calling home

I wrote this based off my painting. Not the other way around.


I can make a call.

It is my right!

And not at all

Indecent at

This time of night.


And that

I walked a mile

To use the telephone

Even while

I have my OWN


Is really none of your concern.

Just look o-ver there at the light

Just watch the moths dancing, they burn

To crisps and they taste great

Especially so late

At night.


Do you see the moon in the sky?

Do you see me? Do you know why

I come to use the public phone?

I like it better than my own!


And it is e-v-ery frog’s right

To make a call late in the night.


During my visit to Karuizawa last week, I was thrilled to go on forest walks and find dozens of mushroom varieties, all of which were possibly poisonous. My favorite thing about the forest, though, was that when you looked up, the sky was blocked by a dense tangle of branch and leaf silhouettes so that any piercing bits of light looked like stars. I wish I had a camera, but I’ll have to do with this Corbis stock photo. It was much darker, and so any light that came through stood out all the more.

Robert Frost, who also happens to be my favorite poet, wrote often about leaves. I’m making a PDF file of his poems available for download in the links section. I also have several poems about leaves in the poem page.

frog 1