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chirashi zushi with avocado and mountain potato

Chirashi zushi is perhaps the easiest sushi there is to make. For more on how to make sushi, see the article (I wrote and won 70 dollars for…ha ha…) here

This here is a vegetarian avocado/mountain potato sushi. It’d be great with smoked salmon, shrimp, crab, etc, but we make do with what we can. Sushi rice is topped with slices of avocado and mountain potato, mayonnaise, roasted sesame seeds, and crisp nori flakes. Serve with dark soy sauce and wasabi.



I think that means male nanny…here are some pics of what I’ve been doing with Deren and Kaelyn here in Fukuoka.

Sushi event for the Matsuokas

画像 084 I was asked to make sushi for the Matsuoka family get-together. I got Eiko, Yuriko, and Ai to help me. It was alot of fun! Check out the photos.