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Going back to Tokyo

I’ve been back in Fukuoka since after FDTP, and I’ll be going back to  Tokyo. It’s been a great 3 months here, and I’ll miss Fukuoka.

Excited about new year! Will keep you updated on writing projects!



Ken is 19

I’m 19! I’m excited as to what this new year has in store for me.

I share my birthday, December 1, with Bette Midler, Woody Allen,  and International World Aids Day.

Family Reunion photos

Farmtown and Happy Aquarium

So I go to the computer, and Dave (name changed) is sitting there….”I need a job!”

See, Dave is 13. He doesn’t actually need a job. He’s playing Farmtown; a Facebook game where you’re “hired” to raise crops to make useless quasi-Facebook money. Everyone around me is talking about Farmtown and that other one…Happy Aquarium. It’s driving me insane. 11 year olds are playing it. 30 year olds are playing it.

Go check it out. I will stay here and weep bitterly for my children.

The October post

I haven’t posted in such a long while I’m not sure where to start.
FDTP was great! I made many new friends and was able to make some solid commitments for my life. After FDTP, I had a week long vacation, during which I had time to work on Coffee and George. It’s coming along. Please keep it in your prayers.

Also, I’m back in Fukuoka now. Due to some changes in my current home in Tokyo, I’m down here for awhile. I’m not sure when I can go back, but hope to soon. I’m really having a good time with my family and friends down here, and have even found time for some writing.

What I’ve been up to:

  • writing more poems (coming soon)
  • a Family reunion (photos coming soon, maybe)
  • working on Coffee and George
  • back with Deren and Kaelyn
  • cooking, cleaning

All together, not much, and all the good stuff is what I won’t blog about. Take care!

サヨーナラ! leaving for FDTP

明日から一ヶ月館山へFDTPに参加してきます! 返ってきたら写真や土産話をいっぱい書こうと思ってます。祈っててね!

I’m leaving tomorrow to Tateyama for a month to attend FDTP! I’ll be sure to upload photos and stories once I come back. Please keep me in your prayers!

What is FDTP?

What is FDTP?



Late Karuizawa pics post 遅くなってゴメン! 軽井沢セミナーの写真

Ken and Eiko do a photoshoot







I smoke ok

back from Karuizawa

You didn’t know I was gone, but I just got back from cooking at a 3 day seminar yesterday. The seminar took place at the famous resort town of Karuizawa  軽井沢 and was themed on Vision and Goals. I went as a cook with Lixy from this home.

I’ll post photos soon.


I miss Deren and Kaelyn

Since moving to Tokyo from Fukuoka 2 months ago, I realize I miss Deren and Kaelyn the most.They are both cute, brilliant kids.

I was watching a cooking show with Deren 3 months ago. We were watching “The Naked Chef”

The chef is a charsimatic British guy named Jamie Olivers, and once the recipe for (some potato dish) was done, the recipe flashed across the screen as a review. Deren says suddenly “Cook  for ANY WHORE!”

Heads turned in shock. Then we realized the screen read, innocently, “Cook for an hour”.