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hirahara ayaka sings Ave Maria by Caccini (Vavilov)


Christmas 2009

I heard this great song from Adam Young of Owl City (Fireflies fame). It’s a beautiful song, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Sorry about the video quality…Couldn’t find an official music video.

Ave Maria

(pictured: Olivia Hussey as Mary in Jesus of Nazareth)

This, the most famous of Marian Catholic prayers, comes from the passage in the first chapter of the gospel of Luke where the angel Gabriel is sent to tell the virgin Mary that she is blessed among women and will bear a son named Jesus. Countless musical adaptations have been written, but we are most familiar with those written by Schubert, Bach and Gounod, Caccini (well, not really…read on to find out about a musical hoax), and Mascagni.

In this post will be Youtube videos of my favorite rendition of each of the above version of Ave Maria. Continue reading

Ken’s music favorites

I’m not sure if I can keep this short.

Music is really important to me.  One of my clearest memories from the FDTP was Masa, one of my mentors, saying “The essence of music is one man expressing emotion.” Don’t know why. That really went straight to my heart.

On to the list of favorites:

Genres: Celtic music. Music with ethnic instruments (Arabic flutes, Chinese violins, etc) JAZZ, some country

Composers: Michael Dooley (Michael Piano), Antonio Vivaldi (The Four Seasons), Yann Tierson (Amelie Soundtrack), 久石 譲 (Departures soundtrack) Rachel Portman (famous movie score writers

female vocalists: Florence McNair, Julie Greeneye, 平原綾香、夏川リミ、Norah Jones, Hayley Westenra, Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, Sissel

male vocalists: Oren Lavie, Vas Myers, David Cook and David Archuletta, Andrea Bocelli

What do I have on my MP3 player?? read on… Continue reading

Her Morning Elegance

cute music video with cool artistic concepts