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What’s been up

Well, Cafe Marche opened on April 24th. I’ve been very busy and not without my share of new challenges and tough stuff…but  It’s been great all the same. I hope you come see the cafe sometime.

Besides helping out in the cafe as cafe staff, I design the pamphlets, brochures, and banners. Sam and I worked on the logo…here it is!

Here are a few more pics. Yep. I am part of a mini band.

for more info, go to or visit Eiko’s blog at


December 29th art by Ken and Deren

Deren’s mom and dad are on vacation.Deren and I were bored. So we drew pictures. Continue reading

Ken is 19

I’m 19! I’m excited as to what this new year has in store for me.

I share my birthday, December 1, with Bette Midler, Woody Allen,  and International World Aids Day.


I think that means male nanny…here are some pics of what I’ve been doing with Deren and Kaelyn here in Fukuoka.

Family Reunion photos

fdtp group shots



Miss Universe

That’s the winner, Stefania Fernandez. Venezuela has won the second year in a row.

Other personal favorites include: Columbia, Kosovo, Israel, Guatemala

Late Karuizawa pics post 遅くなってゴメン! 軽井沢セミナーの写真

Sushi event for the Matsuokas

画像 084 I was asked to make sushi for the Matsuoka family get-together. I got Eiko, Yuriko, and Ai to help me. It was alot of fun! Check out the photos.


Ken and Eiko do a photoshoot







I smoke ok