Stopping to write on a drunken evening

Whose lines these are I think I know

His book is in my closet,though

I’m too drunk to get up from here

And crack the book with “uh…hello?”


My friends around may laugh and sneer

That I quaff cocktails and not beer

And Thomas says “Taylor’s is not,

The dumbest album of the year.”


And Bob says, “What else have you got?”

“Corona” “Yeah, man, thanks a lot.”

Every other word’s a “bleep”

“What’s my name dude?” “Uh…I forgot…”


They’re piling high into the jeep

To find somewhere the liquor’s cheap

But I have promises to keep

And shots to go before I sleep

And limes to go before I sleep




With someone awesome.


rakugo 英語で落語

some Japanese tradition for you

What’s been up

Well, Cafe Marche opened on April 24th. I’ve been very busy and not without my share of new challenges and tough stuff…but  It’s been great all the same. I hope you come see the cafe sometime.

Besides helping out in the cafe as cafe staff, I design the pamphlets, brochures, and banners. Sam and I worked on the logo…here it is!

Here are a few more pics. Yep. I am part of a mini band.

for more info, go to or visit Eiko’s blog at

hirahara ayaka sings Ave Maria by Caccini (Vavilov)

Another ken blog??

Why? Don’t know really. I’ll continue posting here, and you won’t find my stories on the new blog, but you will find short quotes and bits from me and others.

  • video posts
  • quotes from friends
  • quotes from my book “passport to audacity”

are so far uploaded.

oh right. it’s

the stuff we don’t know

there’s so much you don’t say

and i don’t hear.

and stuff i mean to say

but disappears.

and we know each other that much less

by saving worthless extra breath.

and thoughts expire faster than you think.

and by writing and not speaking I am wasting ink.

so listen. i’ll say.

so say. i’ll listen.

new poem in archive

a drop of ink

Going back to Tokyo

I’ve been back in Fukuoka since after FDTP, and I’ll be going back to  Tokyo. It’s been a great 3 months here, and I’ll miss Fukuoka.

Excited about new year! Will keep you updated on writing projects!


Have a great year!

I hope you have a great year!

Lenoid Afremov

I recently discovered this amazing artist, thanks to Nozo, who sent me internet links to his pictures. The colors are so beautiful.